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Profile of Consun Pharmaceutical Group

Consun Pharmaceutical Group is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, production and marketing of modern Chinese medicines and medical imaging contrast mediums. It’s founded in 1997 and got listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on December 19th ,2013. It owns Guangzhou Consun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Consun Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co. Ltd, Guangxi Yulin Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Consun Pharmaceutical Research Co. LTD and other subsidiaries which all engage in medicine R&D and production. It operates well-known pharmaceutical brands such as Consun and Yulin. It has three production bases located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia and Yulin, Guangxi Province with more than 2000 employees. Its medicines are mainly applied in diagnostic imaging and treating diseases of kidney, skin, bone, hepatobiliary digestive systems etc. We have 146 varieties including 63 varieties of traditional Chinese medicines and 83 varieties of western medicines. 35 varieties enter the National Essential Medicine List. 73 varieties enter the National Health Insurance List. 15 varieties are listed in the National Herbal Protection Variety, such as Uremic Clearance Granules, Shiduqing Capsule, Zhenggushui, Jigucao Capsule and so on. Zhenggushui is listed in the Chinese Geographical Indication Product Dictionary. Our key product of kidney medicines, Uremic Clearance Granules is the first modern Chinese medicine to treat chronic renal failure and has consistently ranked No. 1 in oral modern Chinese medicine market for kidney disease. Yishenghuashi is a modern Chinese medicine to treat chronic glomerulonephritis. Gadopentetic Acid Dimeglumine Salt Injection, the leading product of our imaging products, which once filled the gap in the domestic market for MRI diagnostics, ranks at the top three in the segment market.

In 2015, Consun was listed at 107 in the Annual Report of Chinese Medicine of 2014 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technolgy, the highest ranking over the years, and became a prospective Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprise. In 2016, Consun won the Most Valuable Brand in Listed Company and Guangdong Pharmaceutical Industry Outstanding Enterprise. Its competitive product Uremic Clear Granule was listed in the China Pharmaceutical Brand List and Healthy Chinese Brand List. In 2017, with prospective business strategy, steady growth in sales and excellent performance in capital market, Consun ranked No. 31 among Forbes "China Top 100 Listed Potential Companies".

With the mission of “making good medicines by inheriting traditions and innovating to benefit people”, Consun applies modern technologies and respects traditional theories to research and develop modern Chinese medicines and build innovative enterprise. Consun has obtained 22 patent authorizations accumulatively, including 11 international patents. Consun owns the only Chinese Medicines Research Center for Renal Diseases invested by a company in China, two provincial “Engineering Technical Research Center”,three provincial “Enterprise Technical Research Center”, two “Academician Expert Workstation” and one “Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation” and Consun Chinese Medicines Research Center for Renal Diseases in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Consun always adheres to the marketing strategy of “In-depth Distribution, Market Segment and Classification Management” and the service concept of “Devotion & Perfection”. It builds a market promotion team of more than 1000 people and sets up more than 50 liaison offices covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions throughout the country and exports to more than 30 countries and regions.

In future, Consun will continue to focus on the Chinese medicine health industry. We will advance the basic business to further development by consolidating and broadening the core products and expand to the OTC market by promoting the transformation of marketing pattern of “Brand & Terminal”, improving sales channels and terminal layout and building a professional and strong market promotion team. We will accelerate the R&D of new medicine and scientific and technological innovation, promote corporate culture integration and brand planning and construction extensively and deeply and respond to the complex and volatile market environment actively with an open and inclusive mind and innovative development model. We’ll try our best to make Consun a first-class modern pharmaceutical enterprise best in kidney medicine and owns leadership in multi-specialty and make contribution to the health of human beings.